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Last week the students at Electrical engineering delivered the PCB, and what a change. Compare the pictures of the Sort of completed post, and the image below. The breadboard has been replaced, so the electronics are mostly finished.
This is not the first PCB that was made, however due to layout-errors on the previous design and the large amount of time it took to solder the SMD-components we decided that a different approach was needed.
The new PCB has through-hole components instead of the surface mounted components of the previous PCB, which makes soldering it a lot less work, and this time the design is solid.

Next up: attaching the third motor, used for controlling vertical speed and making attachment points for the PCB.


Code under MIT

Posted in Software at 3:29 pm by Joël

The past few months we’ve been using Assembla to manage our code. Assembla provides easy to use SVN, Trac and wiki capabilities for free to Open Source projects. Since we strongly believe in Open Science we’ve decided to share our code under the famous MIT license.

Before you check out our code remember that we’re undergrad students with little to no experience with software development out of our classes. We’ll be gradually improving and expanding our code with the knowledge we’re acquiring.

Compiling and running the Java for the client side should be no problem with Java 1.6. The C/C++ code should be able to compile under linux with gcc. To cross-compile for the Verdex Pro (Open Embedded) you need to install the Open Embedded toolchain.

So go ahead and get the source!