A new Zeppy team

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The current members of the Zeppy team have been working on the autonomous flying robot for a year now (Zeppy actually had his birthday last Friday!). We are now at that moment in our lives that it is time to graduate and we are all going to do this in the United States! Of course we would not want Zeppy to end up catching dust in a dark corner of the robot laboratory, so fortunately we are now in the position to introduce a new Zeppy team! Dirk, Joel, Margreet and Wouter can not wait to start a new project with Zeppy and we think their fresh enthusiasm will do our flying robot a lot of good. We wish them the best of luck and lots of fun!

The new team, Zeppy and us:


(f.l.t.r: Tessa, Jaldert, Tijs, Matthijs, Dirk, Joel, Zeppy, Margreet and Wouter)



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Last week we were invited by Jan Hut from ITC Platform Noord to let Zeppy fly at the CeBIT, a huge IT fair in Hannover. We were very happy to travel to Germany and show our robotic blimp to the world!

Without exaggeration, it was a huge succes! We came in contact with many interesting people and Zeppy was a real attraction, he made a lot of friends in the future park.

Below are some pictures and a movie!

The Future Park at CeBIT:

Tijs and Matthijs handing out AI flyers and baby-sitting Zeppy:
AI flyers

The big screen with our software:

The Holland stand:

Zeppy flying:

Team picture:

Zeppy was filmed by the makers of the CeBIT dvd!:

A video impression:

Zeppy and the JJC

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To show what can be done with AI, our studentgroup Cover organised a small colloquium for the first year students of Artificial Intelligence and Informatics, as well as other interested people. This was called the JJC, which is a Dutch abbreviation for the lower-years colloquium.

And guess what?

Zeppy was the subject of this colloquium! We had prepared a short 30 minute presentation to show what the project is about and how it all worked, which was held by Matthijs. You can view the slides of this presentation at the end of this blogpost!
And of course we held a demonstration, flying over the heads of the students, showing the software and hardware.

Despite a somewhat low turn-up there were a lot of enthousiastic responses as well as quite a few interesting discussion points!
It’s nice to see people react so positive and interested to the things we do, it keeps us focused as well! ;)

View the slides of the presentation by clicking here