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We wanted to be able to show a nice view from Zeppy’s camera on the big tv screen at the Bernoulliborg opening. Therefore we made a presentation mode for our blimp software. It shows the faces that Zeppy detected in the image by drawing a red square around them and it displays the most recently detected face in the upper right picture. The image in the middle on the right shows optical flow with green arrows that point out in which direction features in the image have moved. The lower right image shows Elementary Motion Detection (EMD)




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Now that we have a blimp that actually flies, we want to show a schematic representation of the hardware in and attached to the yellow gondola of our Zeppy.

Exploded gondola: (click on the picture)



Opening Bernoulliborg

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Today, the new building (Bernoulliborg), that houses the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence departments of the University of Groningen, was officially opened. Zeppy was invited to fly around in the main hall! Everything went very well and he flew around for about two hours. The audience responded very positively and everybody was enthusiastic so we were justifiably proud!

A video impression of this day:

And some pictures:

Zeppy BasestationWatching and controlling Zeppy from the ground.

Our very own Zeppy-spot in the main hall.

Zeppy sure draws a lot of attention!

Who wants to touch Zeppy?

Floating in a freaky environment.
It’s lonely up There.

More Pictures..