Calculate and build

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After we mistakenly made a balloon that was far too big for our purposes, we decided make a detailed calculation first. Now, we know exactly how big our blimp has to be in order to be able to lift the electronics we need. So, again we sealed the balloon and filled it with helium. Zeppy flies again! But still, we are not quite happy with the quality of the hardware we now have, so we are going to use Gumstix to control the motors and try to find better motors and rotors.


Zeppy version HUGE!

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During our measuring day we found out that we needed a bigger balloon to be able to carry more weight on our blimp, so we bought ourselves some plastic, borrowed a deep-freeze sealer and made our new Zeppy. We used some aquarium supplies to build an air-valve and filled the new balloon with all the helium we had left, which was not enough unfortunately. This was not due to our helium provision, but to the size of the new Zeppy, which was BIG, really HUGE! We really made a miscalculation with the design of this new balloon, because it could lift more than 500 gr (+/- 1000 lbs), which is much more than we need. When we tried to move this balloon with our original gondola and motors nothing happened, as could be expected. The controls were not strong enough for this enormous balloon. So, our huge version of Zeppy only lived a short life and had to make place for another blimp.

Sealing the new balloon:

Sealing the new balloon

Air-valve made from aquarium supplies and duct-tape:


Almost completely helium filled super blimp:

Blimp huge