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The university has invited Castel Mediaproductions to create a promotional video for artificial intelligence, focussing on Zeppy. We are very proud of the result and very eager to show you. It can be found here.


Creating a new gondola

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We have developed a prototype for a new gondola for Zeppy. We thought it was time to replace the old one wich is basically just a plastic margarine tub with some things attached to it with duct-tape. We want a gondola that is easier to adjust when we come up with new ideas. Here is a (very rough) indication of what we want the gondola to look like in the future: only a slight bit bigger but with more ways to extend and improve it (like by adding more sonars). And don’t worry, the smiley is just for our fun. Currently we are working on having some engineers build this for us completely customized. As for material we were thinking of something like lexan, but maybe those engineers have got some other great ideas for us.



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Today we did a presentation for the staff and other interested people on our Blimp project. This was the final milestone of our blimp-adventure.

Now we are all very busy with making the final arrangements for our Master’s project in the United States. The new Blimp-team will have their first official meeting this week, to decide on practical goals for the future of the project.

We wish them the best of luck, and hope that they will enjoy the project as much as we did!

Click here to see the slides that accompanied the presentation (requires shockwave flash).


Zeppy on television

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Logo of RTV Noord Well, we’ve had our 15 minutes of fame! Drop all your science-work: Hollywood, here we come!

But seriously: we’ve been on regional television with Zeppy! As part of a show called “De week bekeken” (”A look at the past week”), we’ve answered some questions about Zeppy and Artificial Intelligence in general. We also showed some of the capabilities of Zeppy and have flown around with him. As you’ll notice when viewing the clip ‘we’ are still the ‘old’ team, but the new team is also very busy with Zeppy, so you can expect a new blog-post from them soon.

Click here to see our tv-performance! Zeppy is only talked about in the first 5 minutes and it’s all in Dutch

We’ll hopefully receive a high-quality version of the video-clip very soon to replace this one.

Also, next wednesday (april 9th) at 13 o’clock, we will hold our final presentation about the project in the Bernoulliborg in Groningen!